Breathalyser Calibration

We recommend regular breathalyser calibration to keep your device consistent and accurate. All breath alcohol devices require regular calibration to set and maintain reliable results. The calibration process involves testing the unit against a known alcohol reference, using an Alcohol Simulator. The breathalysers results are adjusted inline with the reference concentration.

Workplace Breathalysers require more frequent rigorous testing to ensure reliable accuracy. Our calibration service incorporates performance testing for all workplace breathalysers.

We utilise our in-house team of trained specialists to calibrate all breathalysers on the latest professional equipment.

Our service is quick and affordable to ensure longevity for your personal, workplace or wall-mounted breathalyser.

In-house Calibration Service

All hand held breathalysers can be sent to our Sydney office for in-house calibration. 5 Aspinall Place, Mulgrave, NSW 2756. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff if you have any questions on (02) 4577 9347.

  • Fast turn-around time

  • Trackable courier returns available

  • All calibrations performed by trained technicians with professional instruments

Breathalyser Calibration

Breathalyser Service & Calibration Return Form

Breathalyser Service and Calibration Return Form