Tough New Drink Driving Laws for NSW

Tough new drink driving road rules are about to come into effect in NSW. Any person who is caught drink-driving in NSW will instantly lose their license and also receive a large fine under new laws.

The laws, which are due to be introduced on 20 May 2019, will see every person caught drink-driving in NSW to lose their licence immediately.

What makes the laws so strict is that even low-range drink-drivers will be included, meaning if you low-range drink-drive you can expect to instantly lose your licence. You will also receive a $561 fine.

If you are caught with drugs in your system, you can also expect to lose your licence and well as receive the same penalties once lab results are confirmed.

The NSW Blood Alcohol limit (BAC) for full licence holders is under 0.05. This limit has been in place for nearly 38 years. If you drive a public passenger vehicle like a taxi, coach or bus, the BAC is 0.02. The same applies for drivers of heavy vehicles. Learners and P plate drivers must have a blood alcohol limit of zero.

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