KY8200 Personal Breathalyser

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Introducing the All New KY8200 Breathalyser featuring the latest UK made electrochemical fuel cell sensor which is highly specific to alcohol and unaffected by other breath contaminants. The highly advanced compact gas circuit design and advanced analysis process ensure fast, accurate and stable testing performance. This KY8200 model requires batteries, whilst the more advanced KY8600 has an inbuilt rechargable battery.

Comes complete with 5 mouthpieces.

Weighing only 116g (including batteries) the KY8200 is a personal breathalyser you can take with you anywhere. Have this handy & helpful personal breathalyser on hand for every outing to get quick & accurate results. So easy, safe, and helpful! Order now.

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Introducing the all new KY8200 Breathalyser. Built on the latest UK made Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor, the KY8200 provides you with quick, accurate and reliable breath test analysis.

  • UK Made Electrochemical Fuel Cell Sensor
  • High specificity to alcohol
  • Unaffected by other breath contaminants
  • Ultra-compact Gas Circuit design with advanced analysis for quick, accurate and reliable testing
  • 2.5 second blowing time
  • Uses AAA Batteries
  • 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase

    Package Contents:

  • 1 KY8200 Personal Breathalyser
  • 5 Mouthpieces



Download the KY-8200 Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm

6 reviews for KY8200 Personal Breathalyser

  1. Orland Rohan

    I wanted a good portable breathalyser that didn’t cost a fortune and decided to give this one a shot as it has some good reviews. Very quick to blow and within seconds you have an accurate reading. The missus has borrowed it and found it very easy to use as well. Easy to use, durable and pinpoint accuracy = win-win-win.

  2. Viva Jaskolski

    A fun party favor! My friends and I enjoy giving this thing a spin at our get togethers. Mouth pieces are simple to use. The batteries last much longer than I originally expected, next time I will probably go with the rechargeable model for extra convenience. Would have given it 5 stars but when I came back to leave a review I saw there was a sale on for $20 off which I missed out on.

  3. Trey McLaughlin

    Having been done DUI many years ago I now choose to keep this in my glove compartment to ensure I’m under the limit before I drive after having a few. Only annoying thing is my mates like to use it to see what level they are at haha.

  4. Lyda Heller

    Nicely packaged. Delivered as promised. Good quality. Works exactly like it says super simple to use and very helpful highly recommend thanks

  5. Bridget Bode Bode

    This isn’t the first KY8200 I’ve bought. I loved my so much that I bought this one as a gift. My partner and I are huge fans of craft beers so wanted something to make sure we never drive over the limit. Performs so well! easy to use, compact to store. Something tells me I will be buying more at some point for more gifts.

  6. Mona Harrison

    Arrived quickly. Great value for money and works well. This is an excellent device to help you make informed decisions about you or your friends ability to drive safely.

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