BRACaudit Panther-3

$1,495.00 incl. GST

Introducing the latest in workplace breath alcohol detection the BRACaudit Panther-3. Featuring the latest electrochemical sensor and inbuilt camera function for recording photo evidence of the user this is a must-have for any workplace needing formal records of tests taken. An optional fingerprint identifier is also available and the large battery capacity ensures 24 hours of continuous use.

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  • Electrochemical/fuel cell sensor, highly specificity to alcohol, unaffected by other possible breath contaminants.
  • 3.2 inch 240X320 TFT LCD touch screen provides intuitive operation.
  • Memory capacity, storage of more than 40000 test records. Any tests results can be easily recalled, printed orb downloaded to computer.
  • Every test record can be transferred to PC data manage software
  • Three buttons simple test operation system
  • Two testing modes: evidential and screening
  • Camera function
  • Fingerprint identification(Optional)
  • Large battery capacity, ensure 24 hours of continuous work
  • Mouthpiece can be automatically ejected