Alcomaster P1 Breathalyser

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The Alcomaster P1 Breathalyser is designed for rugged workplace use, with a hard wearing outer case, passive (talk into) and direct (mouthpiece) test modes, and optional dual battery configuration, this workplace breathalyser can be easily adapted to rigorous breath alcohol testing. Because the Alcomaster P1 offers intuitive operation, it’s easy to use and provides precise measurement results obtained within a very short period of time.

Please see below for the full list of features.

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Alcomaster P1 Breathalyser Features:

1. Electrochemical/Fuel cell sensor
Highly specific to alcohol, unaffected by other possible breath contaminants.
2. Passive and Direct Test Modes
Save on mouthpices with Passive (Talk into) test mode.
3. Quick and precise analysis
This ensures a high specificity to alcohol, with a long and stable working life.
4. Color LCD touch screen
High resolution.
5. Safe and easy to use
All measurement functions are controlled via a single key, while menu navigation is by three menu keys. Touch screen interface with stylus.
6. Easy to read display
Alcohol readings are clearly shown on a 2.8 inch LCD screen.
7. Touch screen
For easy input of information.
8. Memory capacity
Able to store 6000 test results. This data can be downloaded to PC.
9. Built-in GPS function
Can locate the position of testing site.
10. Power supply
Rechargeable lithium-ion cell and or 4 AA Alkaline Batteries.
11. Big capacity RTC-BATT
A large capacity battery that can be replaced easily.
12. Mouthpiece
Specially designed one-way mouthpiece with non-return valve. 360 degree range of use.

There are two Alcomaster P1 models, one with internal rechargeable lithium battery only and another with an internal rechargeable lithium battery and a compartment for 4 AA Dry Alkaline batteries. With this model if both the Rechargeable and Dry batteries are installed the unit will operate from the Rechargeable battery until it is depleted. Once the Rechargeable battery is depleted the unit will automatically operate from the Dry batteries. If no internal lithium battery is installed the unit operates from the Dry batteries. Please contact our sales department for more information on the dual battery P1 breath alcohol tester.